Outside Together with Brody Schaffer

We continue our Outside Together series with Brody Schaffer, a five-year old with quite a personality that has traveled to many of our locations with his family. At Under Canvas, we believe that being outdoors inspires and connects friends, families, and loved ones. We believe in being outside together. Because when you disconnect from modern life, you’re able to connect with your best outdoor self, your family, your loved ones, and the natural splendor around you. In the spirit of getting outside together, we’re connecting with some of our past guests to revisit their Under Canvas stays and gain a bit of insight on their experience stepping outside with us. We are excited to share with you the Under Canvas experience through the eyes of a child, who are undoubtedly some of our favorite guests.

Brody Schaffer (@Bossbabybrody) is not your typical five-year-old. “He danced when he was sitting down, and once he could stand, that was it,” says his mom Danielle Lucia Schaffer, a podcast host, writer and blogger at CityGirlGoneMom.Com. Last summer, Brody’s moves hit the road, to four Under Canvas camps—Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Moab—that his family linked with one epic road trip. We chatted with Brody about his most memorable moments.

Which Under Canvas camp was your favorite?

Yellowstone—we had such a big house [the two-tent Madison River Suite] and I got to sleep with Mommy and Daddy and I painted trees and rainbows and stuff. I danced outside our house [tent]. We saw lots of big animals, like bison and moose.

What do you love more—spotting a moose in nature or eating s’mores?

S’mores! I had lots of them at camp… Mom and dad made my s’mores at our fire. My brothers and sister made their own. And hot chocolate. I had lots of hot chocolate.

Why do you like being outside?

I like dancing outside better than inside because of nature. Nature is super cool because of animals and trees. We didn’t pack any of my costumes for this trip because it was a hiking trip but my hiking shoes had pink sequins on them. I love sequins—it’s my favorite color….We also went swimming. We jumped into Lake Powell and had a boat, but didn’t camp there. I want to go back and stay in a tent there; it’s cool dinosaurs lived there.

Our heart-to-heart with Brody serves as a reminder of the importance of hitting pause and getting outside to enjoy nature. As he dances through life, we can’t wait for him to bring his moves to Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase in 2021.


Credit: @Bossbabybrody

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