A Mindful Approach

A cornerstone of the Under Canvas experience is the brand’s Mindful Approach ethos, which is reflected in the company’s development and operational initiatives. See below to learn more about how our Mindful Approach comes to life throughout our camps.

As pioneers in the outdoor hospitality space, we remain committed to employing thoughtful, low-impact development and operations initiatives across our destinations. We focus on intentionally integrating our camps into the surrounding natural environment and prioritize recycling, solar power, and carbon offset practices whenever possible.

We conserve water and energy with pull-chain showers, low-flow toilets, faucets that automatically shut off, low-level lighting, and a towel-reuse program. Accordingly, our camps use significantly less water and energy than a hotel of similar size. Rechargeable, USB battery packs are used in guest tents in lieu of electricity, and Rivian Waypoints electric vehicle charging stations are available at select locations for guests to use throughout their stay.

Our five Grand Circle camps in Utah and Arizona have been recognized as the first-ever DarkSky-certified resorts in the world, due to their exceptional sky quality and commitment to protecting and preserving the nighttime environment. Across all of our camps, we follow guidance from DarkSky International, which prioritizes reducing light pollution and educating others on the importance of maximizing the night sky for present and future generations.

Under Canvas destinations are designed to minimize disturbance and maximize open space. As such, we maintain dedicated, undisturbed green spaces at each camp.

We partner with brands that align with our mission and values—and share the same care for our planet. For example, plant-based EO®️ bath products are made in a zero-waste facility, West Elm furnishings support sustainable initiatives, and lululemon is committed to 100% renewable electricity for their owned and operated facilities.

Wi-fi is intentionally not offered to our guests so that they can disconnect from technology and reconnect with others.

Giving Back to Nature

As lovers of the outdoors and the beautiful lands that surround our camps, we have joined forces with The Nature Conservancy—a global environmental nonprofit working to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends—to help fund conservation and raise awareness through education, volunteer efforts, and donation programs.

  • Under Canvas guests are invited to join in the brand’s mission, as well as support conservation, by donating $3, $, or $10 to The Nature Conservancy upon check-in.
  • Under Canvas offers an employee giveback program for all company employees to donate to The Nature Conservancy a paycheck value of their choosing.
  • Employees across all 11 camps, and at corporate offices in Denver and Bozeman, have the opportunity to volunteer at parks and preserves across the country.

For more information on our partnership with The Nature Conservancy read our press release.

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