The Best Of Oyster Farming and Tasting at Under Canvas Acadia in Maine

Nestled along the scenic Maine Oyster Trail, Under Canvas Acadia is your hub for coastal Maine adventures… say like oyster farming and tasting like the locals do. From hands-on farming experiences to savoring freshly shucked oysters, enjoy oyster culture in the heart of Maine with Under Canvas Acadia as your basecamp.

Maine’s Famous Oysters

Did you know that oysters take on the qualities of the environment in which they’re raised? Water temperature, salinity, season, the geology of the watershed, currents, tides, and growing methods are all factors in producing oysters that are unique to each of Maine’s farms.

Oyster farms along the Maine Oyster Trail stand as vibrant hubs of sustainable aquaculture. With nearly 3,500 miles of pristine, rugged coastline, Maine is the perfect place to cultivate and harvest the best oysters in the U.S. Maine’s cold, salty ocean water is rich in nutrients that oysters love, giving the oysters a crisp and briny, yet buttery and sweet flavor.

Maine Oyster Facts

Maine’s cold  waters provide the perfect home for oysters to flourish. Here are some fun facts about oyster farming in Maine:

  1. Maine oysters are typically farmed along the ocean floor, or suspended along the surface of the water in floating bags or cages.
  2. Maine is home to over 150 individual family-owned oyster farms that provide good jobs for local people.
  3. Oysters are one of the most sustainable forms of protein on the planet.
  4. Oysters perform important ecosystem services including nutrient cycling, providing habitat for other species, and carbon storage.
  5. The presence of oyster farms also helps improve water clarity, which helps other marine life grow and thrive.

Embark on an Oyster Aquaculture Tour

Discover the secrets behind Maine’s fastest-growing marine industry and embark on an unforgettable Oyster Aquaculture tour through Under Canvas Adventures! This exclusive experience is a must-do for oyster lovers and seafood enthusiasts alike. During your tour, indulge in freshly shucked oysters as your captain guides you through the intricacies of oyster farming. This tour promises a feast for foodies and offers a deep dive into the maritime heritage of Maine.

Enjoy Fresh Oysters Bayside at Under Canvas Acadia

When you stay at Under Canvas Acadia, you’ll enjoy fresh seafood while taking in the views on our oceanfront property. Start your evening with fresh shucked oysters and bottle of local wine on the grassy yard leading the the bay. Our dinner menu features creative twists on Maine classics that pair perfectly after a day of oyster tasting—think a Cajun lobster roll on a brioche bun, daily fresh catches perfectly prepared and more. From starters and salads to sandwiches, burgers, and hearty mains, there’s something to satisfy every palate. All this makes Under Canvas Acadia an ideal choice for foodies who don’t want to compromise on their love for nature and gourmet food.

Indulge in Raw Bars on the Maine Oyster Trail

Plan one of your days along the Maine Oyster Trail fully discovering Maine’s seafood culture. Stop at local spots in and around Bar Harbor that offer unique takes on traditional New England cuisine and international dishes…not to mention some of the best oyster dishes in the region.

Stewman’s Lobster Pound

If you’re craving an authentic lobster and raw bar experience, Stewman’s Lobster Pound is a must-visit. This casual, seasonal eatery located on the harbor serves lobsters, oysters on the half shell, homestyle fare, and cocktails, all with the calming backdrop of the Maine coastline.

McKay’s Public House

For those seeking a touch of elegance, McKay’s Public House serves high-end surf ‘n’ turf and pub fare with global accents. The quaint Victorian house setting, complete with a lush garden, adds a touch of charm to your dining experience.

Salt & Steel 

Discover a feast for your senses at Salt & Steel with the freshest local produce, meat, and fish from Maine’s renowned purveyors. Their menu is constantly rotating based on what they are able to source locally but one thing they are known to regularly have is locally farmed oysters.

The Barnacle

Known as Maine’s original oyster bar, The Barnacle presents a traditional Maine pub atmosphere with some of the tastiest New England seafood around. If you’re looking for more than oysters, check out their lobster rolls, mussels or paninis paired with a uniquely Maine cocktail or local draft beer.

Book your stay at Under Canvas Acadia and embark on a culinary journey that promises to be as unforgettable as its stunning landscapes.


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