Let’s Talk About Climate and Biodiversity

As lovers of the outdoors and the beautiful lands that surround our camps, Under Canvas has joined forces with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a global environmental nonprofit working to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends, to help fund conservation and raise awareness through education, volunteer efforts, and donation programs. Together, we’re working to educate on the dual threats of the climate crisis and extreme loss of biodiversity.

As told by The Nature Conservancy, “The threat posed by the climate challenge is undeniable. The solutions to climate change—increasing energy efficiency, investing in renewable energy, appropriately pricing carbon, modernizing the grid, transitioning to electric vehicles, and increasing the use of nature-based solutions—also offer more jobs, lower costs, cleaner air and water, better soil quality and better health for everyone.”

Our planet has years, not decades, to address the interconnected crisis of urgent climate change and biodiversity loss. TNC recognizes that we must act now, for what we do between now and 2030 will determine whether we slow warming—and ultimately safeguard the planet and its people. These steps taken will be the deciding factor in whether we conserve enough land and water to slow the current acceleration of species loss. TNC states, “We have seen a nearly 70% average decline of birds, amphibians, mammals, fish, and reptiles since just 1970”. Protecting and restoring the great outdoors could provide 1/3 of the greenhouse gas reductions needed to keep our climate within safe boundaries, a natural solution to climate change.

TNC does its part through decades of learning and refining, playing side-by-side with partners, communities, and decision-makers across the globe. Here are some of their goals by 2030 (credit TNC):

  • Reduce or store 3 gigatons of CO2 emissions a year: use the power of nature and the strength of policy and markets to reduce emissions, support renewable energy, and store carbon to reach our goal of avoiding or sequestering 3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
  • Benefit 100 million people: help 100 million people at severe risk of climate-related emergencies by protecting and restoring the health of natural habitats—from mangroves and reefs to floodplains and forests—that help protect communities from storm surges, extreme rainfall, severe wildfires, and sea-level rise.
  • Conserve nearly 10 billion acres of the ocean: conserve 9.9 billion acres of the ocean through new and better-managed protected areas, global-scale sustainable fishing, innovative financing, and positive policy changes to how the world governs the seas.
  • Conserve 1.6 billion acres of land: partner with communities around the globe to conserve about 1.6 billion acres of land. Restore and improve management of working lands, support the leadership of Indigenous Peoples as land stewards, and conserve critical forests, grasslands, and other habitats rich in carbon and biodiversity.
  • Conserve 1.6 billion acres of land: conserve 621,000 miles of river systems and 74 million acres of lakes and wetlands by engaging in collaborative partnerships, promoting innovative solutions, and supporting policies that improve the quality and amount of water available in freshwater ecosystems and to communities.
  • Support 45 billion local stewards: support 45 million people whose well-being and livelihoods depend on healthy oceans, freshwater, and lands by partnering with Indigenous People and other local communities to learn from and support their leadership in stewarding their environment.

We’re currently at a pivotal moment when we still have an opportunity to reverse the loss of nature and promote environmental sustainability. Now is that time and we need you with us! By staying at Under Canvas, you take part in our mission to inspire connections with extraordinary places, people, and the planet by enhancing the outdoors. Connection with nature makes us healthier, happier ambassadors of the environment, our most precious commodity. This manifests in the design choices we make and the experiences we curate for our guests. Our Mindful Approach ethos includes things like localized design aesthetic, environmental consciousness by way of efficient water and energy practices, land conservation, and working in good company with brands who share the same care for the planet.

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