Tips for Hosting the Perfect Bohemian Wedding

When it comes time to start planning the wedding of their dreams, more and more couples these days are gravitating toward the bohemian look. For some the appeal lies in the warm, intimate and almost effortless vibe it creates; for others it’s the fact that these weddings tend to almost always be outdoors, surrounded by lush scenery and eclectic décor.

Regardless of the reasons you’re drawn toward this style of wedding, here are four tips to help you and your significant other throw the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

1. Keep It Local

Keeping things local is one of the most common themes of bohemian weddings. Try your best to find local caterers, florists, distilleries/breweries, etc. to add as much of a local, homegrown touch to your event as possible.

2. Get Wild with Your Floral Arrangements

For a bohemian-style wedding, you want your floral arrangement to look like a perfectly imperfect mélange of formal flowers (such as roses) and wild greens (like grasses, fern leaves, etc.). The types of flowers and accompanying foliage you choose should “fit” the season in which your wedding will take place. For example, go with lighter, more vibrant colored flowers in the spring and summer, spicier tones in the fall and cool, darker hues in the winter.

3. The More Eclectic Your Décor, the Better

When hosting a bohemian wedding, one thing you want to avoid is overanalyzing the décor (or any aspect of the event, for that matter). These types of weddings are inherently eclectic and shouldn’t feature too much of any one style, be it a print, color, texture, type of furniture or anything else. Mix and match vintage with modern, rustic with elegant and any other styles that suit your personal tastes. After all – the number one key to throwing an unforgettable bohemian wedding is making sure it encapsulates who you are as a person.

4. Go for a Simple, Effortlessly Beautiful Look

For understandable reasons, boho brides don’t typically want to look as “done up” as brides in more traditional wedding settings do. As far as your hair and makeup is concerned, strive for a natural, effortlessly sophisticated look, perhaps incorporating a vintage clip or floral piece into your hair.

As far as attire goes, lace and silk organza fabrics are perfect for brides, and grooms will look perfect in a simple linen suit, khakis and a light dress shirt or anything else that is elegant but not too over-the-top for the laidback outdoor setting.

Ready to Bring the Bohemian Wedding of Your Dreams to Life?

Bringing every aspect of your dream outdoor wedding to life is one of the things we at Under Canvas do best. If you’re looking for a gorgeous property that features all the onsite amenities and accommodations you could possibly need for your guests, consider choosing one of the venues below.

Under Canvas Venue Options

·         Under Canvas® Glacier

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Partner Property Venue Options

·         Oakhurst, California

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·         Sage Safaris, Montana

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Not interested in one of the above locations? Not a problem! We’ll gladly send our tents anywhere in the entire U.S. and even Canada. For more detailed descriptions of our Under Canvas properties as well as our partner properties, click here.

Under Canvas Wedding Tent Options

·        CanopyMarqui™ – Though large – capable of accommodating hundreds of guests (up to 500 seated and 800 standing if multiple CanopyMarquis are conjoined) – this is one of the most unique, intimate and memorable wedding spaces you’ll ever encounter. It also features adjustable sides that can be put up or down in case of inclement weather, allowing you and your guests to stay cozy while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

·         Safari Tent – Whether you use these as lounge or gathering spaces during your big day or strictly use them for lodging purposes, these glamping tents – which sleep one to four people each – are sure to provide your guests with a remarkable experience they won’t soon forget.

·         Hive – Simple to set up and take down, these tents – which also sleep one to four people each – are the best option for those hosting their wedding in faraway destinations. In addition to being used for accommodating overnight guests, these tents also make fantastic bride and groom dressing rooms.

·         HiveBath™ – With your choice of either a bathroom-only or a full bathroom with a shower, the HiveBath is the ideal complement to your bedroom Hive or Safari tent, enabling you to create the perfect combination of adventurous outdoor glamping and practical, yet luxurious hotel amenities.

For more details about our tent options and available configurations, photos, pricing information or to book these tents for your wedding, click here. We look forward to working one on one with you and your loved one to create the picturesque outdoor wedding of both of your dreams!


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