Top Utah Hot Springs Near Zion National Park

Utah’s rugged beauty is unmatched, with its towering cliffs, vast deserts, and serene landscapes. Among these natural wonders, the hot springs near Zion National Park stand out as a must-visit for anyone looking to relax and rejuvenate. These natural spas offer a unique experience of soaking in warm, mineral-rich waters while enjoying the stunning backdrop of red rock wilderness. If you’re road-tripping to Zion, these hot springs provide the perfect pit stops, combining relaxation with adventure. Let’s dive into the best hot springs in Utah near Zion, complete with distance, drive time, and locations, ensuring your next trip is as memorable as it is scenic.

Mystic Hot Springs

Monroe, Utah

Distance: 79 miles | 1.5 hours from Zion

For travelers heading from Salt Lake City, taking a detour to Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe transforms the journey into an unforgettable adventure. This unique destination offers an array of natural and man-made pools alongside cast iron bathtubs, each providing distinct views and immersive soaking experiences. The surrounding mineral deposits craft an otherworldly landscape, enhancing the springs’ mystical allure. Stop by their converted vintage buses and cabins for a photogenic backdrop. To ensure your spot in this magical setting, secure soaking passes online for a reserved two-hour slot. Adding Mystic Hot Springs to your travel plans enriches your itinerary, especially if you’re driving between Zion and Bryce. For more inspiration, check our guide on the top attractions and activities for a Zion and Bryce road trip, rounding out your national park adventures.

Red Hill Hot Springs

Monroe, Utah

Distance: 156 miles | 2.5 hours from Zion

For Zion National Park visitors looking to explore beyond the iconic landscapes, Red Hill Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah, offers a tranquil retreat. This natural sanctuary is just up the road from the popular Mystic Hot Springs. Preferred by locals and families for its laid-back and undeveloped setting, Red Hill Hot Springs is the perfect spot for those seeking an authentic soaking experience. Visitors should come prepared, as minimal amenities make it a peaceful place to relax and soak in the natural beauty of southern Utah’s geothermal wonders.

Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow, Utah

Distance: 158 miles | 2.5 hours from Zion

Located directly south of Salt Lake City on private land that’s open to the public, Meadow Hot Springs is a hidden gem in the Utah desert. There’s a half-mile hike to reach the three soaking pools, each varying in temperature, depth, and size, offering a serene and relaxing experience. The crystal-clear waters provide a unique opportunity for underwater photography and even scuba diving. It’s free to visit, and visitors are encouraged to respect the pristine condition of these springs and the generosity of the landowners by practicing leave no trace.

Fifth Water Hot Springs (Diamond Fork Hot Springs)

Spanish Fork, Utah

Distance: 190 miles | 3.5 hours from Zion

For adventurers starting their journey from the northern part of Utah, a slight detour to Fifth Water Hot Springs is worth the extra miles. Fifth Water is reached by a scenic hike through the Diamond Fork Canyon. These hot springs feature several electric blue-colored pools with varying temperatures and are surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest. The 5-mile out-and-back hike to reach the springs is part of the experience, offering views of waterfalls and the vibrant colors of the mineral-rich waters. It’s a popular spot, so consider visiting during off-peak times to fully enjoy the tranquility and snap some epic photos there.

Durango Hot Springs

Durango, Colorado

Distance: 400 miles | 6 hours from Zion

Though a bit far for a quick trip from Zion, it’s an ideal relaxation spot for those traveling to Zion from Phoenix and Denver. Boasting over 40 unique water features, including 32 mineral pools, cold plunges, a resort-style pool, and Japanese-inspired cedar tubs, this hot spring oasis offers a healing experience. While day-use fees and reservations are a must, the chance to unwind in warm waters amidst breathtaking landscapes makes it a must-stop on your journey to Zion.

Where to Stay Near Zion

After a day of exploring and soaking in the best natural hot springs in Utah, Under Canvas Zion offers a luxurious and immersive nature experience. Ideally situated near Zion National Park, Under Canvas provides guests with comfortable, upscale amenities within beautifully furnished tents. This glamping resort is the perfect base camp for adventures in and around Zion, from hot springs visits to stargazing and exploring the wild.

From exploring the hot springs near Zion National Park to stargazing and venturing into the wild, your adventure in the desert Southwest is waiting to be discovered.



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