The Corporate Retreat that’s a True Escape

Businesses go on retreats to find peace, build harmony and inspire new thinking, right?  Frankly, that can be a challenge in a corporate hotel setting that just looks and feels like another business trip. But an upscale glamping retreat in a majestic setting, well, that starts off with a huge advantage.

It isn’t easy to plan a special corporate event, but at Under Canvas a truly amazing experience is a given. The peace, harmony and inspiration you seek in a corporate retreat are built into our settings.

Why are Corporate Retreats Important?


Offices depend on routine to keep things running smoothly, but sometimes that routine can become its own burden. Corporate retreats should be a fun change from the routine office environment … a change that boosts morale and helps employees work toward a common goal. Under Canvas helps you to move employees away from daily work tasks and settings. We offer experiences where your team members can be fully present with one another, focused on a shared goal, and have chances to bond over a sense of purpose.

Location. Location. Location.


Workers look forward to getting out of the office, and we can help them to get as “out of the office” as possible. With Under Canvas, you’re not trading one board room for another. You’re hitting a reset button with some of the world’s most majestic landscapes and open spaces, as well as rejuvenating activities like awe-inspiring hikes and horseback rides through postcard-worthy settings.

The all-important post-retreat outcomes start right in the planning, and we can help customize an experience specifically to your company’s needs. If you need a specific venue or private accommodations, we can make sure we find just the right fit for you and your team with our nine locations across the U.S.

Hive or Tent?

Looking to get the team’s creative juices flowing? Start it off with an upscale glamping experience. However comfortable or adventurous you want to make this retreat, we can fulfill that wish completely. With Under Canvas accommodations, your team members will be excited to relax in between your scheduled events, and they’ll be inspired by some of the most gorgeous settings anywhere.

Buffet? Lounge? Bar?


Sure! For your meetings and for hanging out afterward, we can accommodate just about any need that you can dream up. And it can all be set in gorgeous, comfortable spaces that help you and your team to reconnect and be rejuvenated. Under Canvas gets you out into nature to improve your physiological health and simultaneously keeps you in the peak of glamping comfort.

The sky is the limit when it comes to Under Canvas corporate events. Let us show you how much of an eye-opening, team-building, mind-expanding experience a retreat can be.



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