Ayla Remmers

Ayla Remmers

What have you enjoyed about working at your location, specific job, coworkers, housing?

I have held several different positions during my time with Under Canvas Mount Rushmore and each of them have come with their own joys! As Camp Con it was the constant guest interactions whether that be check ins, nightly activities, or endless golf cart rides. As Guest Experience Coordinator this joy took the form of going that extra mile to make a guest’s anniversary, birthday, or elopement special. Lastly, as Night Audit I have found an unexpected treasure of unique guest interactions during late night check-ins and early morning fire starting!

Why would you recommend working at Under Canvas to someone?

It is a truly unique experience! Whether as a guest or employee there really is no place like Under Canvas. I think it’s something about working outside 24/7, or the magnificently unique staff from all over we seem to cultivate every year, or maybe it’s just something in the air. Either way, it is a fantastic experience.

What would be the best bit of advice they would give to someone considering working at Under Canvas?

If I could offer some advice to someone considering coming to work for Under Canvas it would be to care. Simple as that. If you care about the camp as a whole and furthermore about your fellow staff you will find nothing but success with Under Canvas. Care for guests, fellow staff, and the camp, and care about a job well done. That’s all you really need!

What is your most memorable experience working with a guest or a coworker?

My most memorable experience was with a guest who came to Under Canvas Mount Rushmore for their elopement. We found them a beautiful section of our private trail, set up for their intimate ceremony, and then I had the pleasure as Guest Experience Coordinator of catering to their every need throughout the morning of this special event. It was so beautiful and I was able to witness this amazing moment in their lives, making all the prep work and long hours totally worth it! It really helped to remind me that we always want to strive for these unique and special moments for our guests.

What is your favorite part of the day?

I know it will sound strange but my favorite part of any night is when a guest asks to have the fire in their tent lit for them. It seems like a small thing but it can make a huge difference for the guest throughout their stay and can often lead to incredible conversations with fascinating guests! I also love the teaching aspect of it as I demonstrate for them or assist them as they stumble through it themselves. They are always so excited when they get it going for the first time!

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