Thad Willlits

Thad Willlits

What have you enjoyed about working at your location, specific job, coworkers, housing?

I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. The location is great! Yellowstone is so vast and every direction you go there is something to do. We can go fishing, hiking, or on a beautiful drive all just minutes from camp.

I love the onsite housing because we live on the property. Outside of work, we do karaoke in town and play volleyball together. We all start as strangers at the beginning of the season but by the end all the team members have built a strong community and feel like family. We work hard and grind together and then get to enjoy time with each other too.

I was lucky enough to spend time in every department around camp. I enjoyed being at the front desk the most because of my interactions with our guests.

Why would you recommend working at Under Canvas to someone?</h3

Under Canvas is a great place for career growth opportunities and travel opportunities. There are so many different jobs to fit different skill sets and so many people to come in contact with and make connections.

What would be the best bit of advice they would give to someone considering working at Under Canvas?

My advice is to just go for it. A lot of people moved across the country or even left another country to come here this summer. It’s scary, but it’s the jump you have to take to experience a unique opportunity.

What is your most memorable experience working with a guest or a coworker?

My most memorable experience with a guest was the time I got to help GEC and ran the kids activities for the week. I got to do trivia night, craft night, and a water gun fight. I remember after trivia night I got to hand out prizes and the joy it brought me to see the kids having a blast was pretty hard to beat.

One of my most memorable experiences with a coworker would have to have been in the beginning of the season when we got hit with a snowstorm. My coworker and I had so much fun together working through the tough conditions. We cracked jokes while hustling around to get our job done and bundled up with tons of layers and plastic bags to keep our feet dry and warm. We had endless coffee and hot cocoa and sang songs to keep our minds off how cold it was. I knew then that it would be such a fun season, because if we could make it through all that then we could make it through anything.

What is your favorite part of your day?

My favorite part of the day is around 7-9 in the evening. I love the live music, beautiful sunsets, and everyone outside enjoying their vacation. I also loved the daily standups with the team. They’re fun because the whole team gets to group up and update the rest of the departments on how their day went or what they’re expecting for the rest of their shift. It’s just nice to see the team together and get to see some faces you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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