Escape to the Fall Colors!

Before you know it, the temperatures will drop and the leaves will start changing hues. So if you’ve been thinking of planning a trip to escape and view the fall colors, now is the time to make your arrangements. No matter where you live, you won’t have to travel far to take in autumn’s beauty. Trees across the United States burst forth with color all through this season, but here are a few of the best destinations to observe the changing colors, come home at night to your Under Canvas tent, and enjoy a memorable trip.

Smoky Mountains

One of the most frequented areas in the United States any time of year, the Great Smoky Mountains is home to over 100 species of trees, including scarlet oaks, maples, and sweetgums, making it a top leaf-peeping destination. With 800 miles of scenic roads and trails in the region for you to explore, you’ll have a myriad of options for seeing a kaleidoscope of colors, with leaves ranging from canary yellow to rustic orange and fiery red. The Great Smoky Mountains display the most color between early October and early November.

In 2018, Under Canvas will open a new camp in the Smoky Mountains. We can’t wait for you to see it! This is the perfect time to go ahead and plan out your dream glamping trip for next year in this stunning locale—and we’ll do all of the work while you sightsee and track down your next adventure.

Glacier National Park

A particularly exceptional locale, Glacier National Park offers an unparalleled fall foliage experience. Once September arrives, the crowds disperse, leaving the area a quiet haven of outdoor delight. Not only peaceful, it’s also one of the best places to take in larch trees—a conifer variety which takes on a bright golden color before shedding its needles in the fall. Golden hues intermixed with evergreens and set against snow-covered peaks make an unbeatable autumn scene.

The best views occur between early- to late-September. For a truly unforgettable experience, consider planning your trip with Under Canvas—we help you interact with nature while being fully pampered and comfortable.

Grand Canyon

The North rim of the canyon brings savvy photographers from across the nation to capture the natural display of sedimentary rocks along with amazing splashes of color seen during autumn.

If you have never seen the Grand Canyon painted up in fall’s finest colors, it is well worth a visit. You can see changes in leaves in mid- to late-September, but some areas close mid-October, so plan accordingly. Give upscale camping a go along historic Route 66 at our Grand Canyon glamping camp—just minutes away from one of the world’s most fascinating outdoor attractions.


If the “red-rock playground,” also known simply as Moab, Utah, isn’t on your list, missing out on the convergence of red rocks and the yellow leaves of cottonwoods would be a true mistake.

Jamie Pearce of the Moab Adventure Center explains why it’s more than the trees that make Moab an ideal spot for fall displays:

“Everyone knows about the spectacular fall colors of the aspen, cottonwoods and other deciduous trees in town, inside the canyon and on the mountain. However, another fall color change is the deepening hue and richness of the multicolored sandstone rocks themselves.”

Come and experience in person the fluctuating shades of enormous boulders and sandstone cliffs, which set Moab apart from other autumn foliage destinations.

You can even enjoy the colors via a rafting trip down the Colorado River as late as October. When you’re all done for the day, we offer you an unforgettable place to stay in Moab at our safari-inspired camp—with Safari tents and exquisite accommodations. You can’t beat it.

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