Five Amazing Things To Do In Moab


Moab, Utah creates a dance of beauty and activity like few places on earth. At every glance you bear witness to art that time has created in red and beige sandstone striations formed by years of wind, rain and sun. And in this setting, the Under Canvas Moab camp is able to bring glamping to a whole new level.

When you head for Moab, look forward to adventure! You’ll hear the beck and call of mountain bike and hiking trails, and there will be something to make your jaw drop at every turn. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Moab.

1. Take in The Colorado River

The Colorado River has shaped Moab at every turn. The same river that carved the Grand Canyon and helped shape 21st Century America, creates countless recreational opportunities, including whitewater rafting to kayaking. Let the mighty Colorado River carry you away.

2. Arches National Park

Behold a landscape that seems born of another world. Natural arches are a rare phenomenon and Arches National Park is home to more than 2,000 of them. Discover something incredible with every step as you hike to iconic sights like the Delicate Arch for a view that spans from canyon lands to snowcapped mountains. These amazing arches are sure to lift you.

3. Dead Horse Point State Park

Make the climb to Dead Horse Point and you’ll stand 2,000 feet above a majestic expanse of canyon land carved by the Colorado River. You’ll be taking in a sight that has brought inspiration to Native Americans, Cowboys and modern adventure seekers alike. With boating, fishing, hiking and more, Dead Horse Point State Park is certain to offer something inspiring for your sense of adventure.

4. Sand Flats Recreation Area

Mountain bikers and off-road enthusiasts, do not miss this. The Sand Rock Flats offer rare beauty and challenging terrain that include the renowned Slickrock biking trail and more than 40 miles of beautiful, challenging Jeep trails. Whatever your skill level, you’ll find a perfect spot. This off the beaten path is a gem of a find that few do. Revel in this extraordinary adventure that few others have experienced.

5. Full Moon Hikes

In that magic period between sunset and moonrise, you can follow park staff for a very special hike. Experience the moment when Moab’s nightlife—the kind you find in nature, not at a club—comes to life. Witness the landscape’s brilliant colors fade to blue and hear the sounds of night creatures begin to fill the air. It’s just a mile-long hike but it can fill your senses with memories for a lifetime.

These are just a few of our favorites from Moab. The list certainly goes on. Under Canvas would love to share it all with you with the comfort of glamping in Moab. We cannot wait to see you!


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