How to Make the Perfect S’more

S’mores are the classic outdoor snack, whether you’re camping in your backyard or glamping under the stars. While the traditional ingredients are graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, feel free to shake things up with your favorite treats!

1.       Crank up the heat. Whether you’re using a grill, campfire or wooden fireplace, get your heat source to a high temperature.

2.       Prepare the graham crackers by breaking them into square pieces roughly the size of a marshmallow.

3.       Place your chocolate of choice on top of the graham cracker squares, breaking them into smaller pieces if necessary.

4.       Toast your marshmallow. Using a skewer or other implement, hold the marshmallow over the fire until it reaches your preferred level of doneness.

5.       Build your s’more. Transfer the marshmallow onto your graham cracker and chocolate while it is still hot, so everything warms up and melts together. If you can wait, give the marshmallow some time to cool so you don’t burn your mouth!

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