What to Pack For A Stay At Under Canvas – Glacier, Yellowstone & Mount Rushmore

Use our packing lists to help prepare for your glamping trip near Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone or Glacier National Park so that you enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

*This Packing List is designed for glamping in Yellowstone, Glacier or Mount Rushmore and exploring nearby national or state parks during the days. Under Canvas offers an upscale outdoor hospitality experience bringing you the comforts of home with intentional inconveniences.

Many of these items can be bought at the Under Canvas lobby tents. Be sure to stop by and check out our gear during your stay.


Summer is the most popular time to visit our northwest camps like Under Canvas Yellowstone, Glacier and Mount Rushmore and the surrounding national parks due to warmer temps and blooming wildflowers and foliage. With higher elevation and more tree coverage, you will find enjoyable daytime temperatures which is a reprieve from hotter temperatures of the south, but you will also find chilly nighttime temps, so packing properly is very important. Ideally, you want to bring lots of layers during your glamping adventure so that you can remove layers during your daytime adventures and add them back on once the sun sets.


T-shirts are the easiest to pack, the most comfortable and the easiest to pair with different outfits. You will likely want to lounge around camp in a t-shirt while at camp. We suggest you bring both short sleeve and long sleeve options for day-time and night-time use. While the campfires and in-tent wood-burning stoves provide warmth, you are still in the outdoors and long-sleeves will be your friend when the sun goes down. Sun is also another factor to consider and if you are going out for a long daytime adventure in the sun, long-sleeves are the best way to protect your skin from the harmful UVB rays.

If you want to grab a souvenir or just need an extra t-shirt for your stay, stop by our lobby tent and browse through our Under Canvas branded clothing.

Lightweight or Zip-off Hiking Pants and Shorts

Bring your favorite, comfortable pants. We suggest lightweight and breathable options for recreating, but jeans will work for lounging around camp. If you are planning to explore higher-elevation areas such as Logan Pass in Glacier National Park be sure to bring full length pants that cover the legs as temperatures can range quite a bit from camp to mountain top. During the height of summer, shorts may also come in handy for hanging around camp or exploring the town during the day.

Comfortable Hiking Shoes & Socks

Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park all offer abundant recreation and stunning outdoor landscapes ripe for exploration. From the rocky crags of Mount Rushmore, to the beautiful grasslands of Yellowstone, to the 10,000 foot mountains of Glacier National Park, sturdy hiking shoes and quality moisture-wicking socks are highly recommended when exploring these areas. If hiking or recreation is not part of your itinerary, we still suggest bringing comfortable tennis shoes and some quality socks for walking around town and camp.

Under Canvas recently teamed up with Parks Project. Stop by our store at Under Canvas Yellowstone and grab some Yellowstone National Park themed socks made from Parks Project.

Lightweight Fleece

It’s all about layers in the northern U.S. especially in high elevation areas like Glacier National Park. A lightweight fleece is perfect for early morning adventures or night-time around camp. It will give you just enough warmth on a summer’s evening to be comfortable and still be able to enjoy our fire-pit and the tent’s wood-burning stoves. If your fleece is not enough during the night, you can always throw a warmer layer on top. Remember – Layers, Layers, Layers!

Rain Jacket/Puff Coat

Warmer layers are suggested if you are planning to explore the landscape around Yellowstone, Glacier National Park or Mount Rushmore. In high elevations in Glacier National Park, temperatures in the mountains can be 20 degrees cooler than at camp and afternoon rainstorms move in much quicker at high elevations. In lower elevation areas like Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone, just a rain jacket should suffice in the case of an afternoon shower. If you run a bit cold, having a lightweight puff jacket is always useful at nighttime at any of our northern U.S camps.

Comfortable Outdoor Shoes (For walking around camp)

After a long day of exploring the parks and their nearby towns you will be ready to kick back and relax, take off your hiking boots and give your feet a rest. Bring some comfortable tennis shoes or Chaco-like sandals to wear around the camp while you are relaxing.

Slippers/Warm Socks

While the tents stay warm at night from the wood-burning stoves and plush bedding, you will want to bring some warm socks or slippers to wear around the tent before bed. Put your slippers next to your bed at night so you can easily slip into them in the morning to grab your coffee.


Daypack / small backpack

A daypack or small backpack is perfect for exploring the nearby parks during the day. Pack it with a grab n go breakfast from camp, snacks to energize during your adventure, water, sunscreen, and any extra layers.

Reusable water bottle

At Under Canvas we have a goal to sustain and protect our environment and minimize our impact on our most precious commodity; the great outdoors. For this reason, we do not have bottled water on property. We have filling stations for your use though so be sure to bring a water bottle along and fill it before your adventures or purchase one from our lobby store at camp.


There is too much beauty to not capture it. Connect with nature, create memories, and document them. Our camps are wifi free to amplify your connection with the outdoors but share away when you get home! Tag us on instagram @undercanvasofficial and on Facebook so we can follow along.


While it may not always feel like it, the higher elevation makes your skin burn faster from UVB rays. This is because there is less atmosphere to block your skin from damaging sun rays at higher elevations. Wear sunscreen, long layers, and hats during your outdoor adventures around Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park to avoid the dreaded sunburn.

If you forget yours, not to worry! Bare Republic has you covered with sprays and creams available at our camp stores.


Just like sunscreen, bring sunglasses to protect your eyes. The higher elevation makes the UVB rays more damaging to not only your skin but your eyes too. Plus, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and Glacier are all known to have great sunny weather during the summer. Enjoy the sun but protect your eyes!

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