Outside Together with Alix Traeger

Today we’re joined by Alix Traeger, self-proclaimed foodie, world traveler, and digital creator, for the next installment of Outside Together with Under Canvas. At Under Canvas, we believe that being outdoors inspires and connects friends, families, and loved ones. When you disconnect from modern life, you’re able to connect with your best outdoor self and the natural splendour around you. So, in the spirit of getting Outside Together—we’re connecting with Alix to hear about her stay at Under Canvas.

You may know Alix (@MajorTrager) from BuzzFeed’s Tasty where she cooked up many crazy creations and spilled, a lot! Or maybe you know her from her personal YouTube channel where she shares a peek inside her life with her 335K subscribers—filled with travel, lots of food, dancing, laughing, and more. This season, Alix joined us at Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase with her girlfriend, Zoya, for a special getaway. Watch a recap of their magical stay and read on for more on Alix’s epic time stepping outside with us.

Alix Traeger in bed of Suite Tent at Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase

1. Three words that describe the Under Canvas experience…

Luxury, Serene, & Adventure!


2. What was the most memorable part about Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase?

While the tents themselves are incredible, I also loved the communal space that was home to all the fun games and nightly s’mores. The delicious food and kind staff was also one of my favorite parts! Also, the robes in the rooms were a great touch. So much to love!

Alix Traeger Dining on canyon rim at Under Canvas Lake Powell - Grand Staircase

3. Tell us about your Desserts at Dusk experience!

“Desserts at Dusk” was such a special and romantic experience! Getting to enjoy the sunset with my partner as we sipped wine and ate desserts…totally alone and at peace. We watched as the day turned to night, as the stars appeared in the sky. It was unforgettable!

Alix Traeger enjoying tent space at Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase

4. What does #OutsideTogether mean to you?

One special aspect of Under Canvas is the community it is able to foster. Guests are able to connect in the shared spaces over the campfire or with the many games and events. Situated in some of the coolest locations in the world and right in the middle of nature, guests are able to relax, connect, and recharge outside together.

5. Favorite menu item at camp?

One night they had a squash soup special and I still think about how DELICIOUS it was! Also, the egg & chorizo hash for breakfast was BOMB.

Alix Traeger on deck of tent at Under Canvas Lake Powell - Grand Staircase

6. Which Under Canvas location would you choose next, and why?

I would choose Yellowstone! I have been dying to get out there and I can imagine how amazing it would be to stay at Under Canvas!

We loved watching Alix’s visit at Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase unfold. Follow along with us on Instagram for more of our #OutsideTogether series and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on everything to come at Under Canvas.

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