Outside Together with Pia Baroncini

At Under Canvas, we believe that being outdoors inspires and connects friends, families, and loved ones. We believe in being outside together. Because when you disconnect from modern life, you’re able to connect with your best outdoor self, your family, your loved ones, and the natural splendour around you. In the spirit of getting outside together, we’re connecting with some of our past guests to revisit their Under Canvas stays and gain a bit of insight on their experience stepping outside with us. First up: Pia Baroncini.

Lara Pia Baroncini (Arrobio), also known as @piabaronicini on Instagram is the Creative Director of LPA—a women’s fashion label, the Host of Everything is the Best—a podcast and expert guide to simply not feeling alone, and the soon-to-be momma of a baby girl!

Last July, Pia and her husband, Davide, hit the open road with their adorable pups, Chichi and Nutella, to join us in the great outdoors at Under Canvas Grand Canyon. Pia documented her quick break from Los Angeles for her Instagram followers…sharing a few insider tips along the way: decide which national park area you want to explore and choose your Under Canvas location accordingly, be aware of the weather, and in Pia’s words, “yes, the food is great”.

It was such a pleasure having the Baroncinis visit Under Canvas and we couldn’t stop ourselves from wanting to know more about their visit! So, we asked Pia a few questions about her stay to get an inside look at how she felt about stepping outside:

Your #1 must-pack item for a stay at Under Canvas?

Weather appropriate pjs!

The best part about Under Canvas Grand Canyon?

It’s so cozy, the air is so clean and clear, and it’s just so nice to be in nature without having to sacrifice a bed and a shower!

What do you love about being outside?

Feeling free!!!

Stargazer or Suite Tent?

Honestly, both are incredible!

Matcha or coffee?

I love both!!!

Which Under Canvas location would you choose next?

I’m dying to visit Glacier!


Pia Baroncini with puppy on deck of tent at Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini
Pia Baroncini's dogs in car on drive to Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini
Pia Baroncini's husband Davide on tent deck at Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini
Pia Baroncini with her dog at Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini
Pia Baroncini's husband Davide with dog walking on trail at Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini
Pia Baroncini getting ready in ensuite bath at Under Canvas Grand Canyon
Credit: @piabaroncini

We can’t wait to see you again, Pia! Follow along with us on Instagram for more of our #OutsideTogether series and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on everything to come at Under Canvas.

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