Thank You to Our Frontline Essential Workers

At Under Canvas, we believe that taking time to connect with friend and family in nature has never been more critical and timely to our health and wellbeing. We believe in being #OutsideTogether, which is why we invited frontline essential workers to join our second Pay What You Can initiative for a much-needed essential escape in the great outdoors.

After launching on June 8, ahead of National Get Outdoors Day, we received hundreds of touching applications from all 50 states and across all lines of essential work, from healthcare and education to military and critical retail. Ultimately, we extended 100 offers for frontline essential workers and their families to pay what they can for a two-night restorative escape in nature at one of Under Canvas’ nine nationwide camps, located near America’s most iconic national parks and monuments.

The heartfelt stories of these well-deserving applicants warmed our hearts. It’s been our pleasure getting them Outside Together with their loved ones and we are so excited for all the stays to come!

Pay What You Can Guest - Tarek

Tarek, USPS Employee, Utah — Under Canvas Zion

“First of all I would like to thank Under Canvas for having us, it was an incredible journey! Thanks for thinking of the front line essential employees, it really touched my heart! I would like to thank every single person at Under Canvas Zion! The staff was simply amazing,very attentive and always smiling!! The food was great and drinks too! Our dogs Kiwi and Luna…they loved exploring around and they barked a lot! The tents and all the area was simply wonderful! The bed was very comfy. Once again thank you very much for this opportunity!!! We had a blast!!!”

Debra, Critical Retail — Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase

“I am so in NEED of getting “Outside Together” with Under Canvas!!!  Making it so affordable is actually going to make this trip possible for me!!! What a dream come true!!! Thank you, again, for this phenomenal opportunity!!! Big hugs to everyone who made this happen for my daughter and me!”

Debra’s guest of choice is her daughter, Amy, who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in January of 2020. They have been extremely isolated due to COVID and Amy’s treatment but are finally safe to travel!

Pay What You Can Guest - Harsh
Harsh, Healthcare, Illinois — Under Canvas Great Smoky Mountains

“Thank you for choosing me for the offer. After a year of hard work during the pandemic, this was my first holiday. Our stay was amazing and I cannot describe how much we loved your beautiful setting. Everything (people, food, location, service) is just perfect for a peaceful and comfortable stay. It is now on my bucket list to experience all Under Canvas locations. Thank you again!!!”

Megan, Healthcare, New York — Under Canvas Zion

“I’m a Nurse that has worked since day one without a day off. I comforted loved ones while their family passed away and I held my patients hands while they took their last breath because their family weren’t allowed in the hospital. It was absolutely heart wrenching. It would mean the world to me to visit an under canvas location and just to have a break and disconnect.”

Pay What You Can Guest - Heather
Heather, Education, California — Under Canvas Zion

“As a School Psychologist, I have watched kids struggle a lot this year and have helped them cope through such difficult times. My husband is also an ICU nurse who has been caring for COVID patients all year. We desperately needed this time to get away and recharge! It was an adventure! Thank you!”

Kayla, Healthcare, Michigan — Under Canvas Mount Rushmore

“My most meaningful memory as a rapid response RN during the pandemic was holding the hands of those who didn’t know they would make it as we were intubating and sending these people to the ICU. I had to assure them everything would be ok, when in fact I had no idea that I would. Being able to get away and finally be able to “breathe” would mean the world to me.”

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