Putting More Family Into Your Family Vacation

Picture a family vacation that’s truly about family. Imagine parents and kids actually spending the day together exploring and being amazed instead of splitting off for separate activities. Imagine the entire group taking in sights like mountain vistas instead of social media sites. Imagine everyone waking up to sounds like birds chirping instead of sounds like a TV host gabbing. Well, the people at a company called Under Canvas believe this kind of togetherness is what a family vacation should be all about. And they now offer a wide range of experiences families can share all across North America.

A different approach

On an Under Canvas vacation, your family isn’t separated by different activities. Instead, you are brought together by sharing adventures in the shadow of natural wonders. You share meals prepared by camp cooks. You share wondrous views of star-filled skies. You share time looking at mountain vistas, canyons and rivers so amazing that no one thinks to look at a phone or tablet instead. And you share a tent—not the kind you have to set up and squeeze into, but a safari-inspired canvas tent with big comfortable beds and a bath.

A day truly shared

Your family’s day on an Under Canvas glamping trip might look like this: All of you, including your dog, wake up in a spacious tent. Everyone is refreshed from a good night’s sleep on comfortable beds with down comforters. As you and your family rise, you step outside to see the sun coming up over canyon lands or Appalachian forests or maybe a glacier. You go just a few steps to enjoy a breakfast prepared by the camp chef as you begin to plan a day together.

After pulling on boots, the whole family sets out on a hike you learned about from your expert guide. The trail is suited just right to everyone’s abilities. There seems to be an incredible view around every bend. The only reason anyone reaches for a phone the entire time is to capture breathtaking pictures of the sights. Maybe you spot a fox or even a moose along the way. Maybe you reach a waterfall and soak your toes before heading back. You build memories to share. It’s a day your family will remember over and over for years.

In the evening, you’ll return to the camp site for fun and dining together by the campfire. As night falls, you’ll see more stars in the sky than you’ve ever spotted before. And before too long, you’ll be beckoned by the call of a hot bath and warm bed.

Not the exception

The picture painted here of a family experience with Under Canvas is the rule, not the exception. There are 7 Under Canvas camps and adventures across the U.S. Your family can have experiences like taking a horseback ride along the Grand Canyon, rafting in the Cascades, cliff climbing along the coast of Maine or bear-spotting in Yellowstone. The adventures appeal to a broad range of interests. The experiences bring families together…the way a family vacation should.

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