Stargazing at International Dark Sky Parks

If you’re interested in seeing the stars as you’ve never seen them before, plan to stargaze at one of the Under Canvas locations outside of an International Dark Sky Park. What makes stargazing near an International Dark Sky Park different from other stargazing destinations? Due to low amounts of light pollution in these designated dark-sky areas, you’re able to witness an all-natural light show unlike anything seen in the city—and you don’t even need a telescope! You’ll observe billions of bright stars and constellations, normally unseen by the naked eye. Under Canvas has four locations outside of International Dark Sky Parks—Under Canvas Zion, Under Canvas Bryce Canyon, Under Canvas Grand Canyon, and Under Canvas Moab. Here you’ll have unparalleled access to the starry skies because Under Canvas utilizes low-level lighting that mitigates light pollution and amplifies the night sky. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a first-timer, stargazing during your Under Canvas stay will leave you in awe of nature’s nocturnal beauty.

Under Canvas Zion

Utah’s newest addition to their roster of International Dark Sky Parks is Zion National Park, which became certified as a Dark Sky Park in 2021. The exceptional quality of the park’s night skies and astronomy-based programming make Zion a stargazer’s dream! Zion’s red rocks and plummeting cliffs provide the perfect backdrop to observe the Universe’s shining stars, constellations, and celestial events. On any clear night, head outside and look skyward, or cozy up under the covers in your Under Canvas Stargazer tent to see views that rival the breathtaking daytime scenery that Zion is famous for.

Under Canvas Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is the ultimate place to stargaze and enjoy the splendor of the night sky. Far from any light pollution and protected by Astronomy Rangers, Bryce Canyon National Park is a sanctuary for natural darkness. No visit is complete without joining the Astronomy Rangers for an educational and entertaining astronomy experience at their observatory outside the western boundary of Bryce Canyon National Park. If you prefer to enjoy the night sky from the comfort of your accommodations, even amateur astronomers will be able to locate the silver Milky Way stretching across the sky over Under Canvas Bryce Canyon.

Under Canvas Grand Canyon

Few outdoor destinations are as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon, both during the day and after twilight fades to night. Because Grand Canyon National Park encompasses more than 1.2 million acres of land with little to no light pollution, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to spot star clouds, meteor showers, and even planets like Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Most Americans live in an area where they cannot see the Milky Way due to light pollution from cities, but while staying at Under Canvas Grand Canyon, you’ll enjoy the comforts of home without sacrificing your view of the stars.

Under Canvas Moab

Just minutes away from Under Canvas Moab are two International Dark Sky Parks—Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Further away from city lights, Canyonlands National Park is considered a Gold-Tier Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association due to the incredible nighttime views that attract people from all over the world. Hike by day, and join park rangers by night for stargazing programs and special stargazing events unique to Moab. When you return to Under Canvas Moab after a long day of outdoor activities, enjoy the same great view of the stars from the private deck outside your tent.

International Dark Sky Parks offer unparalleled access to the wonders of the night sky. Plan to stargaze outside of one of the light-free, International Dark Sky Parks across America, or from an Under Canvas Stargazer tent equipped with a viewing window above the king bed. Whether you’re an avid stargazer or a beginner fascinated by the phenomena of the Universe, an Under Canvas stay is an ideal way to create an unforgettable night-sky experience.

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