Tips for Comfortably Enjoying Summer in the Desert

Summertime in the desert is filled with sunny days, spectacular sunsets, wide open spaces, and all the best the season can offer. It can be amazing, it just takes a bit of planning to be prepared. Whether you’re visiting Under Canvas Zion, Under Canvas Moab, Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase, or Under Canvas Grand Canyon, there are ways to plan ahead so that you can safely enjoy summer in the desert. For those that haven’t yet explored the desert in the heat of the summer or want a refresher on how to best prepare, we’ve put together a few tips for you to make the most of your summer stay in the desert with Under Canvas!

Pack Appropriately

If you’re planning to spend a few summer days with us across Utah and Arizona, you can’t live without a few important items. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and your favorite hat to shade you from the sunshine are #1! The sun shines bright in the desert and you’ll want to be protected. Plus, most of your body’s heat hits through the top of your head so wearing a hat will help to keep the rest of your body cool throughout the day. You should also plan to pack light-colored clothing made of breathable, lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton…Our packing lists for Moab, Zion, and Grand Canyon, will come in handy as you begin packing up for your time at any of our desert campsites!

Rise Early

Mornings will be the coolest part of the day in the summer—so plan accordingly! We suggest setting up your daily activities around the weather patterns. Consider an early morning hike before the heat rolls in and then hit a nearby water source for the afternoon. There are lots of fun watersports and sites to see from the water around this part of the American Southwest. You can also explore nearby, local towns midday for some shopping and local culinary delights during peak heat times. If you need suggestions, our onsite Guest Experience Coordinators are always available to provide their go-to spots for eating, drinking, exploring, and beyond!

Stay Hydrated!

Drink lots of water! Temperatures will rise throughout the day so you’ll likely need to drink a bit of extra water to stay hydrated. Bring along a reusable water bottle that you can refill in the main lobby tent or from your tent’s own water sources (our water is potable in all areas of the camp) and continue drinking throughout the day. If you’re hitting the trails, plan to drink approximately one liter of water for each hour of hiking. Complimentary ice and cooler rentals are available, as well, to help keep your bottles chilled. You can also consider grabbing some watermelon, cucumber, or coconut water while on-the-go from a local shop—all of which go a long way in helping you stay hydrated, too.

Recharge in our Main Lobby Tent

When you need some time to relax and take a break from the desert sun, our main lobby tents are a good place to retreat. With misting systems, cooling towels, fruit infused water, and complimentary ice available, you’ll be positioned to cool down and unwind at your leisure. Don’t forget to check the complimentary camp programming schedule near the front desk while you’re there to discover what fun activities are happening during your stay!

Boost Your Energy

Adventuring around the desert is super fun and you can easily lose track of time, but don’t forget to take a lunch break! Whether it’s a quick salty bite or a grill out at one of our communal grills, boosting your energy with a snack will keep you going throughout the day. Keep in mind that we do not allow any food in the guest tents so if you bring along your own food, please enjoy it in the communal spaces around camp and store your food in the car. You can always grab complimentary ice and a cooler rental from our main lobby tent at Under Canvas Zion and Under Canvas Grand Canyon, as needed!

Keep Your Tent Cool

Each of our tents come with their very own misting system and two side table fans to keep things cool as you’re resting, sleeping, or just getting ready for your day’s adventure. If you’re staying in one of our Deluxe, Stargazer, or Suite tents, you can always hop into your en suite bathroom shower to rinse off when you need it—especially before bedtime! This will help relax your body before you head to sleep for the night after a day of incredible adventures.

Whether you’re arranging loads of activities during your stay or taking a go-with-the-flow approach to your Under Canvas vacation, summertime in the desert is always best when you plan ahead. Be mindful of the daily average temperatures during your stay and remember to pack appropriately, stay hydrated, work with the weather patterns, and take breaks in the shade! All of these tips together will make for an enjoyable desert adventure that is as safe as it is memorable.

Now you’re ready for a summertime adventure in the desert! Get packing and get ready for the impressive natural beauty and epic experiences that await!

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