Zion Via Ferrata: What Is It And Why You Should Do It

Discover the exhilarating world of via ferrata climbing as you scale the breathtaking canyon walls of Greater Zion—one of the few places in America where you can enjoy this unique experience! Embrace your inner adventurer and experience the thrill of climbing with little to no experience necessary. This unforgettable journey, organized by Under Canvas, is perfect for beginners and experienced climbers alike.

What is a Via Ferrata?

The via ferrata, or “Iron Path” in Italian, was an important wartime tactic in Europe during World War I,  where soldiers trekked along steep ridges and cliffs to go undetected. Now, it has evolved into an extraordinary adventure that allows climbers to traverse a series of iron steps and ladders embedded into cliffsides. Gaining rapid popularity in America, via ferrata trekking offers adventurers the opportunity to experience the thrill of rock climbing while benefiting from the added security of steel cables, rungs, and ladders.

Zion’s Via Ferrata for Beginners

If you can climb a ladder and hike for 2-miles, this thrilling adventure is for you. While the exhilarating heights may be challenging for those with a fear of heights, the breathtaking views and immense sense of achievement reward for those who dare to take on this awe-inspiring experience.

What to Expect During a Via Ferrata Adventure

Embarking on a via ferrata adventure promises a picturesque and awe-inspiring experience as you traverse the vertical landscape of Zion. Ideal for ages 8 and up, this unforgettable expedition offers an opportunity for the entire family to create lasting memories. The private tour, lasting approximately 4 hours, is led by an expert guide who will share fascinating information about Zion’s stunning red and white cliffs and capture your memorable moments as a photographer. Essential climbing equipment, such as a helmet, harness, clips, and leashes, will be provided for your safety and convenience. Snacks and drinks are also included to keep you energized throughout the journey. With tours departing in the morning and evening, you can even revel in the sunset glow from the towering cliffs of Zion.

What to Wear on a Via Ferrata Climb

When embarking on a thrilling Via Ferrata adventure, it’s essential to dress appropriately for both comfort and safety. Opt for comfortable and breathable clothing that allows you to move freely while you navigate the iron rungs and ladders. Shorts and a long-sleeve shirt offer the perfect combination of flexibility and protection from the sun. High-traction sneakers and socks will give you the necessary grip and support as you hike and climb steep terrain. Remember to wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun, and bring an adventure camera to capture unforgettable moments. Bring a small backpack to carry the essentials. A water reservoir with a hydration tube is ideal for hands-free hydration while you climb. Make sure to apply sunscreen beforehand to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and reapply as needed. Rest assured that the tour will provide you with essential gear to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

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