Perfect 72 Hours Near Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is home to sights you must see to believe. From colorful hot springs to bison herd crossings, Yellowstone is rich in natural wonders powered by volcanic activity. First-time and repeat visitors alike are in for a treat when they discover what awaits inside the park. Just 10 minutes from the primary West Entrance, Under Canvas Yellowstone is the perfect basecamp for exploring America’s first national park and the charming town of West Yellowstone. We’ve got you covered with the perfect three-day itinerary so that you can make the most of your stay at Under Canvas Yellowstone.

Day One: Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Lake, and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

After a restful night in your safari-inspired tent, fuel up for an adventure-filled day with a camp-prepared rocky-mountain breakfast and a gourmet coffee before hitting the road. Inside the park, experience the magic of Yellowstone with a visit to Old Faithful. The famous geyser erupts every 35 to 120 minutes for approximately one to five minutes shooting water an impressive 180-feet into the air. If you’re looking for more geothermal wonders, head north of Old Faithful to explore the Artists’ Paint Pots where you can stretch your legs on the 1-mile loop trail to observe an area bursting with mud pots and milky blue pools.

On your must-see list, Grand Prismatic Spring should be at the top. Take a short drive to this area to see an eye-catching kaleidoscope of colors surrounding a vivid blue hot spring known for being the largest in the U.S. and the third largest in the world. It’s no surprise it’s the most photographed thermal feature in Yellowstone. Pro-tip: venture beyond the boardwalks for a birds-eye view of the orange, green, and yellow rings that make up this other-worldy sight.

Just ¼ mile from Grand Prismatic Spring, you can enjoy your wholesome to-go lunch from Under Canvas in the Whiskey Flat Picnic Ground surrounded by nature. After you’ve had your fill, there’s still plenty to explore. If you feel like working up a sweat, climb to the top of the park’s many summits or take in views of the caldera from the shore of Yellowstone Lake where you can enjoy the scenery or drop a fishing line to catch a trout.

Did you know that there’s a Grand Canyon in Yellowstone? Some say it’s the most breathtaking sight in the park with its massive Lower Falls plunging deep into the canyon below. Take in all its glory from an accessible viewing platform at Inspiration Point where you can survey the surrounding pastel-colored canyon walls and rushing water that carved out the canyon over millions of years.

After an incredible day of exploring famous sights in Yellowstone, it’s time to unwind at Under Canvas. Soak up Montana’s glacier-carved landscape with a leisurely walk around camp or enjoy complimentary activities on-site like outdoor games and live acoustic music with a handcrafted cocktail in-hand.

Day Two: Off-Site Adventure, Shopping in West Yellowstone, Firehole River Swimming Area

Start your day in West Yellowstone where you can enjoy a hearty, rocky mountain breakfast. If you’d rather dine al fresco, you can always enjoy locally-sourced cuisine from Under Canvas before your off-site adventure. Take your pick of fly fishing, white water rafting, or a driving adventure, and leave the planning to our Guest Experience Coordinators who will handle the details of your unforgettable adventure.

Get lost in West Yellowstone with a laid-back stroll along the lineup of charming stores, galleries, and specialty shops where time feels just a bit slower and you might find a must-have souvenir. Make sure to try a slice of Montana’s famous huckleberry pie or a huckleberry shake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

After a refuel, take a scenic drive featuring a waterfall overlook on your way to the Firehole River Swimming Area. Firehole is one of two swimming areas in Yellowstone, and contrary to its name the water is a comfortable cool temperature. After descending the stairs, you’ll discover a rocky beach area below where you can set up for a day of relaxation and swimming in fresh Montana waters.

Known for big skies and brilliant stars, there are so many great places to stargaze in Yellowstone. Some favorite places in the park to find solitude under the night sky are Mount Washburn, Upper Geyser Basin boardwalk near Old Faithful and Castle Geyser, Mammoth Hot Springs, or at the Madison Amphitheater for the summer astronomy program. These spots are easy to access making for a safe and convenient family activity. Of course, you can observe the constellations on your private tent deck or from the comfort of your king-size bed in the Stargazer tent without going anywhere.

Day Three: Wildlife Watching and Mammoth Hot Springs

Chances are you’ve already crossed paths with wildlife on your Yellowstone adventures. Bison seem to be everywhere in the park and they aren’t shy about stopping traffic—laying eyes on the largest mammal in North America is a sight to behold. But many more animal residents call the park home, too. Take a short drive to Madison River (next to Under Canvas) or Lamar Valley to experience America’s Serengeti where it’s easy to spot wolf packs and herds of bison—not to mention grizzly bears, bald eagles, osprey, deer, elk, moose, lynx, otters, and coyotes. It’s important to enjoy wildlife from a distance for your safety and theirs. Remember to stay in your vehicle and never feed wildlife.

A visit to Mammoth Hot Springs is like a trip to another world and is different from anywhere else in the park. There’s no swimming allowed in the hot springs, but you can take a dip in the Boiling River just a short drive from the Mammoth area. Boardwalks connect all of the important features making it easy to see all the geothermal sights up close.

Countless adventures await in and around Yellowstone National Park and our Guest Experience Coordinators are always available to provide tips, tricks, and activities to make your stay at Under Canvas Yellowstone unforgettable.

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