The Ultimate Guide to Bryce Canyon Stargazing

Amidst the rugged landscapes of Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park emerges not just as a daytime paradise for hikers and nature enthusiasts but as a world-class stargazing destination by night. Boasting some of the darkest skies in the world, the park offers a celestial tapestry featuring 7,500 stars and the luminous Milky Way. This guide explores the wonder of Bryce Canyon stargazing, covering everything from the best stargazing spots, park programs, tours, and cozy lodging, where you can witness a symphony of stars against the backdrop of the park’s crimson hoodoos.

Why Bryce Canyon for Stargazing?

Designated as an International Dark Sky Park in 2019, Bryce Canyon offers some of the most pristine night skies in the world. On clear nights, especially during a new Moon, the sky above Bryce Canyon comes alive with thousands of twinkling stars, planets, and constellations. It’s the perfect place to watch celestial events like lunar eclipses, meteor showers, and shooting stars as they race across the sky.

Best Bryce Canyon Stargazing Spots

When night falls over Bryce Canyon National Park, its unique, rugged desert landscape transforms into a celestial showcase. Each spot within the park, whether reached by a moonlit hike, a drive to scenic overlooks, or through guided tours, reveals a different frame for the night sky. Here are our top picks for Bryce Canyon stargazing spots:

Rim of Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

The rim presents an unparalleled stargazing experience with its expansive 360-degree view of the heavens above and the panoramic beauty of the amphitheater below. Some of the best spots, like Inspiration Point, Sunset Point, and Sunrise Point, each offer a unique view.

Thor’s Hammer

Here, the park’s famous hoodoo rock formation creates a dramatic foreground for the celestial show above. Ideal for astrophotographers, this spot beautifully contrasts the park’s geological features with the star-studded night sky. Gaze upward to capture star trails, using Polaris, the North Star, as your celestial guide, creating a blend of earthly and cosmic beauty.

Navajo Loop Trail

Embark on a secluded and intimate stargazing journey on a 1.3-mile moderate hike away from the crowds. As you traverse this path, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking scene where starlight illuminates natural windows in the rock formations, creating portals to the skies above.

Natural Bridge Overlook

Experience the stars framing a natural bridge, a view that connects the Earth to the cosmos. This easily accessible spot is a favorite for families and casual observers journeying through the park by car.

Mossy Cave Trail

This peaceful 0.8-mile round-trip hike takes you to a serene waterfall that serves as an idyllic backdrop for stargazing and astrophotography. Situated off the main scenic road on Highway 12, this less-traveled path provides a quieter experience, complete with convenient parking at the trailhead.

Stargazing Programs at Bryce Canyon National Park

Attend a Ranger-Led Program

Embark on a cosmic exploration with Bryce Canyon National Park’s ranger-led astronomy programs. Offered about 100 times a year, typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during the warmer months, these talks blend education and wonder. Hosted by the park’s Astronomy Rangers, each program starts with a 45-minute presentation at the visitor center, followed by a 90-minute telescope session. Here, you’ll get a close-up view of thousands of stars, distant galaxies, and glowing planets, all free of charge with park admission.

Attend the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

Join the celestial festivities at the annual Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival, typically held in June. This cosmic celebration unites astronomers and night-sky enthusiasts for star-studded activities. Spanning several days, the festival offers a range of family-friendly daytime activities, special evening programs, telescope viewings, and guided constellation tours. The event schedule is available on the park’s website, and attending the festival is included with your park admission.

Bryce Canyon Stargazing Tour

Enhance your visit to Greater Bryce Canyon with a private stargazing tour, an unforgettable journey under the starlit sky. Equipped with telescopes and binoculars and led by an expert guide, you’ll embark on a celestial voyage, exploring distant galaxies, vibrant nebulae, and the colors of the night sky. This astrological adventure promises to be a memorable experience for all ages. Add this adventure to your itinerary after booking your Under Canvas Bryce Canyon stay.

Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon for a Star-Filled Getaway

Just a 15-minute drive from Bryce Canyon National Park, Under Canvas Bryce Canyon is an idyllic retreat for both day and night adventurers. Nestled in 700 acres of high-alpine juniper forest, this luxurious camp combines nature with upscale comforts. In the evenings, escape to the privacy of your tent, especially the Stargazer Tent, which boasts a viewing window above the king-size bed for views of the night sky. Ensuite bathrooms, outdoor dining, and the delightful tradition of nightly s’mores under the starlit sky combine to create a memorable experience in starry Bryce Canyon.

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